Daniel Haggett

London based Lighting Cameraman / DoP

TV logic 5.6

This is an amazing little monitor: incredibly light weight, battery powered and really high res at a full 1080 HD.  








MO VFM 056 Monitor case for TV Logic 

5.6 inches is a little on the small side for a director monitor, but for many situations it works out really well.  I bought this portabrace bag and use my 5.6 monitor as a director monitor when shooting in confined spaces.  It has even been down a London sewer, and still kept the monitor in good condition.  





Small HD AC 7

I have used Small HD monitors many times and really like them.  I ended up buying a TV Logic monitor myself as at that time I couldn't find a UK distributor, that said if you are based in the US, I would definitely look at Small HD.  Not only are the monitors good, but there is a very useful range of accssories that go with them.









zacuto z flnderZacuto Z Finder

Ideal for situations that require a small light weight camera rig.



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