Daniel Haggett

London based Lighting Cameraman / DoP

diva lightDiva Lite 400

2ft 4 bank kino flo lights with day light and tungsten bulbs.  Great soft light with a fader - perfect for interview set ups, quick and easy to use.

This is my go to key light for interviews, and has been for years.  I have had this thrown on and off planes, into cars etc etc for years and it is still working great.











Dedo Light Kit

Dedo Lights with faders.  Great for pinpointing interesting areas with accurate spot lighting.  Good for hair lights or fill for an interview.  Small and lightweight.  Great for travelling.


 NB If you buy the variety with power outputs attached to each lights in the UK, these will not work in the USA with 210V, so choose carefully.







Redhead Light Kit

Tungsten lighting kit.  These things never break, I have had mine for years and they were pretty old when I bought them.  Mine are 800w which is way more powerful than I usually need. Arri do a massive variety of lights with different power wattages.  



















Felini Click - Tecpro

This small light panel clicks onto the top of the camera for a great little top light.  It has a fader switch so you can control exactly how much light you need.  So much better than the old pag light.